Sunday, May 1, 2011


121/365Riley and I took a bike ride today to a local parking lot where the Cub Scouts were putting on a bike rodeo. Doing stuff like basic bike safety and maintenance, how to properly wear a helmet, etc.

My bike hangs in the garage most times and both tires go flat as I have fancy schmancy presta valves on my tires. They are a pain to pump, so I never do it.

But today, with the weather (NICE) and task at hand (a BIKE RODEO), I had to manage.

Of course, throughout the years, I have lost my helmet, so I had to do the ride of shame, sans head protection.

Anyway, I am a bit paranoid at times riding with Rye as I don't quite trust that he'll do the right thing on the road. Not that he'd ride carelessly, but maybe that he'd swerve unpredictably in front of someone, you know?

Luckily it wasn't too busy on the roads today, and wouldn't you know it? Riley did great. He rode right next to me or right behind me, and it was a great boy's afternoon.


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