Monday, January 10, 2011


I have not turned this into an All Riley, All the Time blog, no. He has his own blog for that. But he is currently my most interesting subject.

My post yesterday was surprisingly popular and got a lot of comments on the flickr (thanks!). An old friend also contacted me via the facebook, saying I got a "ringer" to do the work for Riley and I.

It was a good-natured ribbing, but it made me a little nervous as it was Dick and I that did the work (ok, Dick did it all but for smoothing 2 nails) yesterday on Riley's car.

Tonight, though, he sanded the block down and, though Dick wanted us to prime the wood, then paint it, then seal it (wow!), Riley insisted on painting it himself tonight.

I love watching him when he does stuff on his own. He is a needy little dude at times, but I think that's cause Marci and I sometimes forget that he has to be able to do things on his own.

Part of our reluctance to let him fail is due to his condition; part of it is us just overparenting.

When I see him totally concentrating, going Michael Jordan with the tongue, it just cracks me up. He has come so far and I forget all the time about the stuff that he still has to work through.

I'm proud of him every day and I made sure to let him know that tonight.


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