Monday, January 24, 2011


For about the past 7 days or so, a rattling noise has been emanating from our laundry room. It's not our washer or dryer, not the cat goofing around in her litter box, no. It's a rock tumbler that Haley got for Xmas and it's been going crazy tumbling rocks.

We started off with rocks. They went in said tumbler for something like 3 days. Then it was rinse and repeat, for another 4 days. Since it finished last night and I didn't want to hype Hay out right before bed, I did it for one more day's tumble.

So tonight I grabbed them and rinsed them. Here is how they look for now. Done, right?


Bust out polishing powder #4 for another 4 days. Put it in the barrel with the stones, push the button and deal with the noise.

Here's what it sounds like visually:


For real. Luckily from upstairs it just sounds like it's pouring rain outside.

Nancy: can you name the rocks??


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