Thursday, April 22, 2010


Picture info: ISO 250, 1/60, f/2.80, 50mm, Av

Today was pretty uninspiring. I spent much of the day washing clothes and linens as someone in the family got lice.

Not as gross as it sounds, as we (Marci) caught it early enough (if we had it at all!) that it wasn't nasty. A couple shampoos here and a bunch of clothes laundering there, and we're as good as new.

In other news, Bella has an infected paw and got sent home from the vet with the Cone of Shame©. That was going to be my POD, but I wanted the poor mutt to have some dignity today.

So, instead, I posted a picture of an art project Riley did at school. It's a robot of some sort and he was quite proud of it. I like it too!


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