Thursday, April 8, 2010


Picture info: ISO 100, 1/50, f/4.0, 65mm, M

This is a candle at Jim's house. He dog-sat for us. He joined my family for baseball and dinner and lunch. He was trusting enough to let me borrow his Canon T1i for a few days while I visited his town. And I took a picture of a candle in his house.

He also blew me away with his knowledge, both technical and with post-production, and really inspired me to learn even more than I have and have wanted to.

Up until now, I've only seen his photos via Facebook (and now around his house). The photos on FB are good, but they're fairly limited in scope and I know they are a very, very limited view into just how much talent Jim has. After hanging with him for a few days and talking even more shop (and spying a few of his pix in the process!), I'm humbled and flattered that he thinks I can take a decent photo.

I have a feeling when he gets his P365 blog up and running, it will blow some minds. Not only that, but his other little project that he and Annie are working on, well, that will turn some heads also.

I am just glad to have met Jim and the fact that we are both photo-geeks? Awesome.


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