Thursday, May 13, 2010


Picture info: ISO 400, 1/40, f/2.80, 50mm, Av

In keeping with yesterday's car mention, today I took my car to the dealer for 2 recall issues. One was to fix some ignition coils and the other was to fix a leaky sunroof.

That second part was cool because I usually like to leave the sunroof cracked. It became an issue when it rained because somehow the rain would pool somewhere and then, as I drove, leak all over the passenger side from the visor.

It was quite strange.

I'm guessing the recall took care of that.

Anyway, this picture is of my engine and the current issue (not covered by recall, but apparently a common issue) is that cracked hose. You see the "X" crack in the elbow, and on the back side is another crack.

The hose is almost completely broken. Aside from messing up my mileage, it also makes my car sound like a speeder bike when I take my foot off the gas. It is kind of cool, but I'd rather have the miles.

The dealer wanted $81 for the part and $50 to install it. I said no thanks and hit up my car parts store.

The guy behind the counter smirked when I told him what the dealer wanted me to do. In a very interestingly froggy-type voice, the car parts guy told me to tape the hose. Trouble was, at the time, we couldn't see it as it usually resides under a plastic engine cover.

Anyway, when I got home, I found the hose under said cover. I borrowed some duct tape from a neighbor and sealed that sucker up.

I still get the helicopter sound, but I'm going to get more satisfaction in buying the same part for $40 and installing it myself.

Go me!


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