Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Picture info: ISO 400, 1/100, f/1.80, 50mm, Av

We took Haley out tonight because she's been having some rough days with sore tonsils, lack of sleep and just being 8. She's really bumming around lately and we're hoping that having her tonsils out next month will help. Trouble is, it's not until next month; that's the soonest the ENT can see her.

Until then, it's practicing patience (for me, especially!) and trying to be compassionate and understanding of her. She, on the other hand, is quite volatile and her mood changes like the wind.

I suppose that's being 8 for you. But add on her other things and it's been a lot of drama lately.

This is the bar at Sushi Maru, a giant conveyor belt sushi restaurant in downtown Bellevue, where the Mongolian grill used to be. Pretty tasty!


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