Sunday, March 14, 2010


Picture info: ISO 400, 1/200, f/5.60, 55mm, Av, flash

This bike got me through college. These days, it hangs from a hook in my garage. I decided to pump the tires up today (stupid Presta valves!) and take it for a spin.

I used to know how to change bike tires and stuff. Pretty handy. I'd put slicks on when I was at school and when I'd go actual "mountain biking", I'd put the knobbys back on. These days, I have no idea where the slicks went or if I have them anymore.

It's a decent bike considering I got maybe 18 years ago (OMG. I just fell out of my chair). It was when front suspensions (Rockshox anyone) were the rage and I couldn't afford it. No suspension on this bike!


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