Friday, March 19, 2010


Picture info: ISO 100, 1/200, f/7.10, 90mm, Av, flash

A few months ago, I built a lightbox from an old cardboard box, some white posterboard and tissue paper. The idea behind it was to shoot lights into it and take photographs of objects, etc, and have a seamless background. I think I've accomplished that with this elephant. The trouble is, the paper I have for the background isn't completely white to my eyes. I attempted custom white balancing that sucker, but it still came out off. Part of the problem is I have 2 different lights on either side of the box, as well as a Speedlight bouncing off a light blue ceiling.

I'm going to post this at to see what they say, but even I can see that my WB is way off here. I tried cloning the background in PSE, but that just made dark circles in the corners (look lower left). I guess I could use the lasso to extract the elephant, import in a bright white background, then combine the two layers, but that'd be cheating!

In the meantime, I have a larger box sitting here holding a bunch of crap. I'm going to empty it out and try to make a better lightbox sometime soon.


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