Wednesday, January 6, 2010


A few days ago, I realized the tabs on our Pilot expired in December. For whatever reason, we never received the renewal notice. I jumped online today and renewed them, so it was off to Crossroads to pick up the new tabs.

After doing that, I saw a little P-Patch to the side of the Sports Authority. Unfortunately, because it's the dead of winter, there was virtually nothing growing. And, sadly, there were few ornaments or interesting things to photograph save for a little figurine and a butterfly.

Lucky you, you get the figurine today. I tried one without flash (pictured) and one with. I bounced the flash off my hand to the figure, but it took on an orangey glow from my skin, so I decided to go with the natural light one.

Picture info: ISO100 1/500 f/1.8, cropped for your pleasure in Elements.


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